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Sexual Intellectual Fact: Sometimes You Need To Bring Out Your Inner Animal

All Sexual Intellectuals understand the importance of having good old animal sex. As a sexual intellectual you gotta go hard during sex in order to say I love you! Hair pulling, biting, a bit of ass smacking, or scratching up a back or two, its all for the love. What’s the most aggressive sex you’ve had and do you like hard aggressive sex or more passionate and slow love making? Let’s converse.

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9 Responses to “Sexual Intellectual Fact: Sometimes You Need To Bring Out Your Inner Animal”
  1. haley michelle says:

    LOVE rough sex….is there any other way?

    • Xilla says:

      I don’t think so… but there might be! lol

      • haley michelle says:

        at least not in my world. if i can help it. im in control and dominating in my real life, i need ol dude to be commanding in the bedroom! hair pulling, ass slapping, choking, knocking shit off the walls…thats just the way i like to play

  2. both says:

    Depends on my mood or the atmosphere but I require both and my man always accommodates ;) !

  3. ZY says:

    first off, LOVE the pics. they’re HOT. I want one for my home!

    second… I LOVE rough sex, but it can’t just be rough, it has to be rough and GOOD as well. the roughest I’ve ever had left me with a huge scratch on top of a tattoo i’d recently gotten. it was healing, the scab was still on it (you know you’re not supposed to mess with it while it’s healing), my ex dug his hands into my back and literally scraped the scab off… didn’t realize it until we were done and I saw my back in the mirror… needless to say, the tat never healed properly because of that and I had to get it covered with another, LOL. all in all, it was a good night…

  4. Kirsten says:

    Either is great for me. It definitely depends on my mood and who I’m with.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      What are you in the mood for the majority of the time.

      • Destinee B. says:

        I’m Always In The Mood To Make Love. The Last Time I Had Rough Sex I Had A Funny Walk For About 3 Days. My Hubby’s Pipe Game Is Tight But, It Takes Alot Out Of Me. I Still Love The Rough Sex Though, Especially When We’re Mad At Each Other.

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