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Sexual Intellectual Fact: Sexual "Feets" In The Bedroom Go A Long Way

Sexual Intellectuals don’t stop at boobs and booty, the feet are equally important. I have a foot fetish and while some people hate feet, they are a very important part of sex. Things like Foot Rubs, Toe Sucking, or painting your lovers toes just say I love you. What are you feelings about feet, the foot fetish and all things having to do with the feet? Are you in or out? Let’s converse!

Photos by @Ran Zazu

4 Responses to “Sexual Intellectual Fact: Sexual "Feets" In The Bedroom Go A Long Way”
  1. haley michelle says:

    im def not big on someone sucking on my toes, WAY too ticklish for that ish. but i had a serious bf who used to give the most amazing foot rubs. just effing amazing. i literally havent had one since we broke up almost 2 years ago. men dont realize how wonderful they are, and how quickly that can turn into sex. you get me feeling good and loose then my panties are more than likely coming off

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Yeah its a skill and the amount of appreciation you get when you give one… it goes a long way.

  2. AKEE says:

    I dont think I have a foot fetish per se but I am definitely attracted to pretty feet. Nicely arched well maintained feet grab my attention EVERY TIME regardless of how the rest of the woman looks. It just screams sensual femininity to me. You know what? Maybe I do have a fetish. It just hit me that I look at womens feet when I’m watching porn lol.

  3. Jackie Rayne says:

    Toe sucking is the BEST! My first time having my toe sucked or “shrimping” as a friend of mine says was so good, it was weird at first but now i’ve gotten used to it. I know to keep my toes done correctly & a man with a foot fetish would do it often ladies #foodforthought.

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