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Cinderella – The Amazin’ Asian With An A$$ Like Whoa!

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Photo from Last Night's Party @ Hotel Basel

She had a crush on me since she was way too young to climb atop the ManXilla, so I pushed her away. She was a persistent sweet Asian girl, who always tempted me, so when she tried to holla again when she was legal, a lot thicker and a lot more sexy, I took the bait.

She came over with her friend late one weekend night. We kicked it in my living room. I admired her booty. This beautiful Asian girl just entering into womanhood was ready to give it to me and I was ready to take it. We kissed and as our tongues danced to the sound of the television, her friend sitting down right next to us. I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. I started sucking on her titties right in front of her friend. I really didn’t care we were like family.

I pulled my dick out, she quickly grabbed it in her hand and began to stroke it. I got hard quickly, I knew what was up. I looked her in her eyes and looked at my dick, she got the message and began sucking my dick right in front of her friend. She was bout it, bout it. Yes, I said bout it, bout it.

Her friend shocked, couldn’t believe what was going down let out a oh shit, I like to believe it was because I had the perfect dick size, but it was probably because her friend was sucking me off while she sat right next to us on the couch. The Asian’s head bobbed up and down, spit traveled down the manxilla’s head and shaft, slurping noise echoed against the walls of the room, the television was on mute the friend now on the other couch staring at the action. I started to put on a show.

Suck that dick baby girl! I said wanting to add spice to the action. “Damn, I didn’t know young girls could do it this good.” I let out another few curses, grabbed the Asian’s hair, I was ready to get my first piece of Oriental pussy. “Fuck! I can’t wait to bust that fat ass.”

I took my dick out of her mouth, a slob string dangled from my long dick. I remember this clearly because when I grabbed my dick my hand was soaked. Sloppy blow jobs are the best. I took my saliva covered hand grabbed her hair to dry my hand off and bent her over the couch.

I took off her pant and panties, and entered her from the back. One pant leg still on, and I began to rock her world. Slowly I would pull my dick all the way out to the head, and then slide back inside her pussy. I remember it like it was yesterday. Her pussy felt so good, I was a bit upset I waited to get it. I began crashing into her, faster and faster with each series of strokes. I’d occasionally smack her ass, hands prints would appear almost instantly.

She moaned, begged me to fuck her, so I did. I grabbed a handful of hair, the other hand latched on to her shoulder. I gave her the long dick. Deep strokes would crash into her body. I felt walls come crashing down as I fucked this girl. The sound of our lower bodies banging each other filled the room. I talked a little shit, but before long that first nut was about to come out.

I gave my warning and she jumped off my dick and put it straight into her mouth, swallowing my load. I pulled out a cigarette and began to puff. (I’ve since stopped smoking, 1 year with out a single puff) We all laughed about what just happened in the room. They both seemed to enjoy my performanced. I wasn’t impressed. I knew I could give a better performance.

So when her friend had to make a run, I told my Amazin’ Asian to stay with me, and she did and what would go down next is some of the best sex I ever had. As soon as her friend walked out the door, I kissed her. Throwing her against the wall. Back into the living room, my dick already hard, her just in her panties, I laid her back on the couch, climbed on top of her one knee on the chair the other on the floor. I put her thick leg on my neck and began to fuck.

Working with that second nut was serious. I spent the majority of my time going in and out of her body, switching up directions. I would slide in her wet pussy from the left making sure to rub against some walls. I would stick my dick as deep as I could and just pump from deep inside of her body.

Then I would pull it out of her and eat her pussy making sure every area of her box touched my tongue. I’ve known this girl for years so I got familiar with her body. I’d dive into her from the right, sucking on her nipples giving her shallow strokes followed by deep strokes. I’d do things to her body she never experienced. She waiting for this dick, and I wanted to make sure her wait was worth it.

I took her from the back again, eating and beating. Long strokes from the back, followed by tongue lashings. I had to eat her. I kissed her so she could taste her juices off my tongue. I pulled out of her and sat on the couch. I told her to put it in her mouth against. Taste herself. She sucked her wetness off of my dick, covered it in her spit and I told her to climb on top and until I bust my nut.

That she did, she slide my dick into her body and began to bounce. Her tits were perfect a mouthful, just like I like them. She grabbed my shoulders for balance and gyrated on top of me. She would grind, bump and grind her way until I would bust my nut. And she laid there exhausted, sleep before I could come back with a wet rag for both of us. I covered her up and before long her friend came back to find her friend knocked out on the couch. She gave a look the both smiled. We would have a few more sexual romps but we could never be together for several reasons.

We are friends on facebook, but we barely speak. I’ll be shocked if she would ever click on the link.

27 Responses to “Cinderella – The Amazin’ Asian With An A$$ Like Whoa!”
  1. LetsFilmThis21 says:

    I swear I love your Cinderella stories!! I got super excited when I saw the title, before I even clicked the link. Love your site. Keep ‘em coming!!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      I love you more. love reading your comments. When I see let’s film this I know imma get good feedback.

      • LetsFilmThis21 says:

        *screams like a school girl* OMG you know me!!! Well not really but you know what I mean.. After posting this, I feel like a lame lol.

  2. ;) says:

    Nice *fabolous voice*

  3. Paris_Tokyo26 says:

    Her sucking you off in front of the friend…..priceless

  4. haley michelle says:

    i love your site, im totally addicted. dont ever stop writing! lol

  5. Keysanna says:

    What a great story! I was glued to the screen reading it. Everytime I read something of yours I feel like your telling me the story face to face. That’s great writing!

  6. Page says:

    *Love* your Cinderella stories. I swear this may be one of the main reasons I send some of my female friends to your site. It’s like a movie running through my head reading them!

  7. ToiGKash says:

    Now I want to be her friend on Facebook lmao. That was a good one ;)

  8. Sean says:

    In The Words Of A Great Man WINNING!!

  9. Spongetta Citronella says:

    Cot d@mn!!! I need some of tht action in MY life!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      We all do I think it's about time for me to release some stress and take my frustration out on a nice beautiful young lady.

  10. Slimaz26 says: movement from the girl but cot damn I love it…have me thinking about some wild sex reading this…This is the type of “wow” sex am talking about..:-)…

  11. nick says:

    Idk xilla…I’m usually always in love with your cinderella stories but this one just seemed like it was missing something.I mean it was good but something was missing

  12. roxanne says:

    this was I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite..I’ve had sex with a friend in the room numerous times, but most of those times the friend is getting it in also..its a unique

  13. ColdLouboutins says:

    Great Cinderella story Xilla… I love these posts, saw it come through on my facebook feed and had to come read it!!

    PLEASE keep these Cinderella stories coming, I agree with some of the other readers that your detailed writing style makes me feel like I’m right there in the story as well…

    • Huh??? says:

      Most people probably wont think this is funny but “grabbed her hair to dry my hand off” had me LMAO. Is there anything more excitingly erotic than sexing with an audience? Thats winning for real.

  14. LadyLibra says:

    Loved the story Xilla but I dont think I could be bold enough to have sex with my friend sitting next to me the couch. Question did Asian chicks get a botty lol no disrescept.

  15. It's mE says:

    I had to make a comment because your Cinderella stories are so exotic and sexy as I’m writing this Kelly Rowland’s Motivation song is in my head! Xilla you make a girl want to be your motivation! LOL

  16. TheUltimatePK says:

    This was a GREAT one! Whew! I’m about to go make my man stop watching the game! LOL. I love all of your stories….but this one is one of my favorites. I don’t know if it’s because I envisioned the friend watching or what…but hats off sir! *fans self*

  17. reDONKulous says:

    WOW!! Xilla, this was a GREAT one! You were definitely winning in this situation. And I know this may sound a little selfish, but I hope it takes a while longer for you to find your Cinderella so more stories like this can keep coming! ;)

  18. misscumalot says:

    I just got through reading that story n it got BERMUDA very wet. Fanning her right now as I type. By the way this is my first time on this site and I must say that I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

  19. EnriquePoncho says:

    These stories make me think on a whole other level sexually. Thank you for the tips, ideas, and great daydreams while Im bored in lecture :)

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