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Cinderella: The Girl From New Year’s Eve


I stood in a crowded room, it must of been a hundred people standing around counting down, and when the ball dropped I found myself in a drunken haze passionately kissing the woman I just spent most of the night staring at until I decided to walk over and start a conversation. Atlanta has a way of connecting people, you know?

We exchanged numbers, her friend and her had to go to a few other spots. I spent the rest of the night stumbling around the party until I decided to go home. Other than a slight headache I was pretty good. I thought I’d be a lot worst considering the amount I drank the night before. I decided to send the girl I just met a text, and it bounced back, a few hours later I gave her a call, one of those weird messages. “Doooo donnnn doooo the number you have dialed” My heart dropped, I bragged about the fly chick, with the round apple on her back, and then I wondered if I had only imaged making out w/ the flyest girl at the New Year’s Eve Party. I was drunk,

Did she give me the number? Or did I just put the wrong number in because I was too drunk? I decided to brush it off, by saying it wasn’t meant to be, then as I went to call my boy to tell him how dumb I was, I noticed that I had a similar number in my call log, seems like she called my number to save it in her phone. Greatness! I sent my happy New Year text, and a minute later my phone was ringing, it was her.

For the next couple of weeks of so, we talked and got to know one another, we tried to hook up a few times, but schedule conflicts prevented things from going as we would have hoped until one day, I received a call, I dashed to her side of town.

Once I was outside of her apartment, she buzzed me up, she was had a half of joint rolled, I pulled out my Newports and sparked one up, she puffed, offered me some I declined, we talked and then she put on some music. She looked amazing in her house clothes. A pair of jeans, boy beater and her hair wrapped. I gave her a glance, and that all it took. We embraced and I started to peel off her clothes. She was feeling the effects of the joint by now, she was floating on air. I had a few drinks before I got there so I was feeling good as well, and now w/ the view of her amazing body things were turning out to be fantastic.

She had an @$$ that swallowed up her G string, and that wouldn’t be the only thing that was going to get swallowed. She got up off the bed to changed the music that was playing. I snapped a few pictures. She rainbow head wrapped told me I might be able to get her to bring one of her girlfriends over to play in the future. The manxilla was at full attention saluting the sight her of body like a soldier would does the flag. She walked over to me, got on her knees and pulled out the bulge in my pants.

She put her on around the base of my shaft, said wow, amazed at my size. I don’t think I’m all that but this seems to be a reoccurring theme. She seemed to smile for my camera, then lick around my head and placed me in her mouth. She moved her head up and down, her tongue twirling around licking the bottom and doing things with her lips. She let her saliva drip out of her mouth and used it for lubrication as her hand spun around and up and down on my manxilla. Every so often she was pull off of the manxilla and flick her tongue along the bottom of my head. She looked up and noticed I wasn’t recording. She asked are you just taking pictures of taking video and then went back to sucking. I snapped a pic, and then flipped the option to record. We were making a movie. I got a nice 2 minute scene of her giving me dome. Saliva strings hung from her mouth as she looked up at the camera, I cut if off and laid her on her back. I took my pants off, reached in my pocket and pulled out the magnums, I rolled it on,

I kissed her on her neck, moved down to her breast. They were just a mouthful but that just how I like them. I put her nipple in my mouth, licked and sucked. Then I gave them a nice nibble. It drove her crazy. I reached down and positioned myself to enter her. I grabbed myself, slide the head of manxilla along her yum yum until I felt her entrance and I slide inside softly. Easing myself in I moved back up to her neck, then back up to her lips, kissing each with a gentle touch. She was going crazy. Her breathing changed, she moaned arched her back and put her hands in my locks.

I reach down grabbed one of her legs and switched up my stride, hard shots as deep of a could. I would move the manxilla inside of her trying to fill any empty space inside of her body with myself. She moaned and scared my back and drowned the room with curse words of joy. I rested my weight on my arms, as I looked up at her face which was all twisted with joy. I put my hand around her neck and choked her, as I move in and out of her body with a graceful force. I would slow up every time I removed my hand from her neck. Letting her catch her breath. I would ask her if she liked what I was doing, and when she replied I said “Shut up b*tch and take this….”

We switched positions, when I hit it from the back I would slap her ass as hard as I could, I stuck my finger inside of her other hole, using my fingers to massage her booty. She told me she was cumming, I heard there is nothing better for a female than a orgasms from the back. I wanted to put it on her. This was my first of the year this would tell me what type of sexual year I would have. I grabbed the camera with my free hand turned it on and filmed myself giving it to her doggy style.

I noticed that it’s sort of hard to do it like a champion and hold a camera at the same time. I would suck as an adult star. I threw the camera down, and continued to drill her, her moans got louder and louder. I felt like I could do anything I wanted to do to her. So I was going to go in the other hole. I pulled out of one and eased into the other hole. She didn’t put up a fight, she allowed me entry and I entered. She tried her hardest but she couldn’t take it, finally collapsing to the bed. I changed rubbers and went back to work on the main whole. She came a few more times… or at least that’s what she told me. I was still up, still ready, I rolled over to my back, took the rubber off grabbed my camera and told her to make me nut.

She climbed on top of me and put me into her mouth. Again grabbing the manxilla by the base and placing me into her mouth, she got it as wet as possible before coming off and laying a long strip of spit along the top of the manxilla, she flicked her tongue went up and down and spoke Spanish to me…. Something like ta ta la Xilla, I couldn’t really make it out, because I was still inside of her mouth. She smiled and began to jerk me. Moaning begging me to bust for her, she stroked and sucked, sucked and stroked. Meanwhile I was getting it all on camera. I watched her focus all of her attention on me and then look at the camera with a certain naughty look that drove me wild. I had to put the camera down and focus on letting off… I help her by rubbing one out as her awaited with an eager mouth. I let go and she caught most of it, and let my baby batter ease down her throat. I grabbed the camera and focused it on an exhausted her… I told her she missed some, she began to suck on my half hard manxilla and then I pointed out a splash which landed on my thigh to which she slurped it up. Looked at the camera exhaled and said it’s all over my mouth, as she whipped the rest of my liquid future black presidents off her her mouth.

That was the end of round one, we would do it again in the middle of one of my favorite shows…. Needless to say she left NY due to personal reasons, on a trip and has never returned…. too bad too she could have been the one.

6 Responses to “Cinderella: The Girl From New Year’s Eve”
  1. LetsFilmThis21 says:

    Glad you posted a new one Xilla because I was waiting on it *patiently*. LOL! I love these Cinderella stories!

  2. M.E. says:

    Wow… This I must admit has got me spinning and wide open. It’s almost impossible to believe things like this happen to real people… Cause it never happens to me. Good one Xilla

  3. lilioohpyt says:

    I enjoyed the story. The one thing about thi that had me surprised was she allowed you to do anal on the first night….but i guess you only live once might as well….idk

  4. Destinee Burke-Jameson says:

    Awww I Thought This Time Would Finally Be It. I Really Hope U Find “The One” It May Be A Long And Hard Voyage, You May Have To Travel To Hell And Back, But I’m Sure You’ll Find Ur Cinderella

    Good Luck,
    Destinee :)

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