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Cinderella: The Girl Who Left Walking Funny

I was getting ready for bed when the phone rang, it was the girl I met a month ago. When she walked into the room all eyes were on her. She has giant breast, no bra, dark chocolate skin and she was a bit rough around the edges. Yep she was a bird but she was sexy as hell. In true bird fashion I gave her my number because she didn’t have a phone, and waited.

She called from her boyfriend’s house explain the situation and I didn’t hear from her again, until this one night around 11pm. Booty call time. She needed a place to spend the night, and I knew it was time to cash in on that coochie coupon. I picked up all the stuff on my floor and threw it in my closet. Room clean. Her friend dropped her off at my apartment a little after midnight, she came in, looking super sexy.

She wanted to be a model, so I pulled out my camera and took a few flicks of her. Soon I had her topless in my living room, and I knew it was on. I took those big firm breast into my mouth and began to suck on her nipples. She moaned and grabbed my locks as I moved my tongue in a circular motion. I’d suck and bite her nipples.

I pulled my dick out and began to get it right for her. I moved her hand onto the ManXilla, she knew what to do. She began massaging it in her hands getting me harder than rock. I grabbed the back of her head, stood up in front her sitting on the couch and put my dick right in her mouth. I didn’t ask, one hand on the manxilla another on the back of her head I began to fu[k her face.

She knew her role, this wasn’t the first time she did this, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and let me jab her throat with my shaft. She gagged, her mouth filled up with spit and it was so sloppy big bubbles of spit appeared. I pulled out my dick and smacked her with it. She wanted to fu[k, I knew it, and I know how, like the best of them.

We walked into the back into my room. I laid on my bed, she climbed on the bed, and began to finish sucking me off. She used her hand and her mouth at the same time. Moving her hand like she was grinding pepper, her mouth sliding up and down on me. Her tongue would wiggle, she would slurp, her other hand collected the excess spit and she used that for lube to help my big dick move in and out of her mouth.

I grabbed her head, reached under my pillow pulled out a condom, rolled it on and told her to get on her back. I got on top of her put one of her legs on my shoulder and entered her. I slide inside of her as deep as I possibly could. I wanted to see if she could take it, and my back found out the answer. She dug her nails into my flesh. I immediately grabbed her neck, told her to get the fuck off of me, and began to drill her.

I dived in balls deep, pulled out to the tip and back in, to my balls. You could hear my balls smacking against her ass, my hand still around her neck, cutting off her air supply for a minute before letting her gasp some air. I leg of her of neck, but still gave her the D hard and fast. I put my mouth on her nipple. She used her muscles she liked it this way. I felt her grab the ManXilla from her insides.

I wanted more, I told her to get on all fours. I wanted her from the back, I placed both of my hands on her soft ass, then spread her cheeks apart. I slide in and out of her body, rubbing her butt aggressively. I slowly moved my hands to her waist, applied my grip and began to move her body to do me the way I wanted her to. I stuck the manxilla inside her body half way and moved her waisted up and down along my shaft. I work the entire depths of her insides. Going deeper and deeper, I felt the head of the manxilla pound the bottom of her vag.

Her moans sang melodies of pleasure, oohs and aahs as I continued to drill the bottom walls. I pulled her hair, smacked her ass leaving my hand prints on her butt. My body continued to run in and out of hers. I would place my hand on her shoulders and collide into her bottom wall. She probably thought I was a one man demolition team the way I beat the pussy up.

It was time for another position, so i made her get on top. She gave me an eager smile like this was her speciality. If you follow my blog then you know I believe a lot of women don’t know how to ride it right, she wasn’t one of them. She rocked on top of me grinding her body against the manxilla. She got in the mood, enjoying the feeling and hopped a bit too hard, because I felt myself hit something, her already battered bottom. A loud moan blurted out, my name was called numerous times.

I told her to put it back into her mouth. She wrapped both of her hands around The ManXilla still with room enough for her mouth. She slurped and sucked, as her necked moved like a chicken with it’s neck broke. I grabbed the back of her head, pulled myself out of her mouth, held it with my other hand, and began to talk to her. I asked if she liked my in her throat, as she began to reply I told her to shut the f*** up and suck. She knew how to deep throat and I took full advantage of that. Before long her sucking got me prime for explosion. I left a gooey mess inside of her mouth. She did a nice job with the clean up swallowing most of me. I got up and gave her some juice.

I let her read some of my blogs, fixed up her myspace page and allowed her to check some email. She showed me some other nude pics she had stashed in her email. She was a freak! She left the next morning, walking a bit different. Maybe that was in my mind, maybe that’s just how she walked. She was a Cinderella for the night who never had a chance to be the Cinderella for life I’ve been looking for.

If you want more Cinderella Stories, Please Comment. FYI: Comments will close in 48 hours.

73 Responses to “Cinderella: The Girl Who Left Walking Funny”
  1. cruella D says:

    xilla i want more cinderella stories!!! ur the BEST!!!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      did you enjoy this one? I am always nervous that people don’t enjoy them… and plus this is my real life and sharing this stuff… is hard. Plus I feel like the initial meaning of the Cinderella stories have changed a lot.

      • sixbyeight says:

        how do u mean changed…from what to what?
        excellent blog…keep coming back with more!!

        • ThisisXilla says:

          It started off as my quest for love, not it’s just a tale of my sexual escapades really. Which isn’t what i had intended.

  2. coupe says:

    You do it everytime!! Moist at work AGAIN lol…. keep em cuming!!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Hmmm so that’s a good thing I would assume to be at work a little aroused. I’m sure you’re work husband won’t be mad you’ll be more flirty right?

  3. D.C. says:

    This was a good one as always. Those type of birds are never Cinderella material, they only know how to fuck and do hoodrat things

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Yeah I knew this one was a bird from the jump. Sometimes you need those tho. It’s like exercise.

      Again this is the reason why the Cinderella stories slowed down. I know people enjoy them, but I guess it’s good to adapt, but its pose to document my quest for love. #XillaShrug

  4. phreshy313 says:

    Definitely want more cinderella stories. A great way to wake up in the AM!

  5. kannycharm says:

    well I can skip my morning tea and get right into this work out. Love the cinderella series. You have an exciting writing style.;P

  6. @_missattitude says:

    new to your blog and i must say im impressed
    i wonder if you really put it down like that or is it all talk ..

    • ThisisXilla says:

      This is a true story, as are all of my cinderella stories. If you go back to some of them the women have actually commented on some. If you need a bigger co-sign I guess if fate has it we’ll cross paths.


  7. AMR says:

    I loved this Cinderella Story!!!! Although I’m a virgin I hope and Pray that the guy is as experienced as YOU!!!!!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Do you think as a virgin you’d be able to handle something like that? Why are you a virgin?

  8. Hizallure says:

    Hi Xilla,

    Loved it I have been following your site daily for years. Quick question….shouldn’t she be in the jerk journals since you knew she never had a chance of being your Cinderella from the jump??? Keep the Cinderella stories coming…I love the concept of it being your quest for love.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Yeah more of less, but i wasn’t really a jerk to her… The Cinderella stories have to adapt into something else because I’ve pretty much covered all the girls i loved or half ways liked… So it’s either let them die or change them. What should I do? As an OG I’d love your opinion. And anyone else who reads this comment

  9. Hizallure says:

    Loved it…I have been reading your website daily for years…definitely a fan of yours. Quick question…Shouldnt she be in the jerk journals since you knew from jump she could never be your Cinderella? Keep it coming and I like the idea of the Cinderella stories being your quest for love.

  10. prettyGIRL says:

    Well, that was overwhelmingly well written as usual. was pretty intense and vivid..usually, I like aggressive sex but I don’t think I wouldve been able to take your Manxilla..I would’ve been afraid of permanent damage, then we would have to get

    better luck next time finding your Cinderella..but apparently, youu weren’t even looking this

    • ThisisXilla says:

      I think you could have been able to handle it… if the girls prior could handle it surely you could too. Right?

  11. Guyanese Waters says:

    We in the Caribbean call the muscle work Quinting and if a girl does it she get’s man points you’ve gotta to know to do it while the man is moving his dick. Listen to it Goody Good by Pamputae

  12. Ashley says:

    Yes!! Please give me more Cinderella Stories!!! I really do enjoy them!!! :) The stories are well written, and I feel like I’m watching!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      You know what when I’m writing them it’s always fun because its like I am reliving the event. I see things that happen and sometimes I thing damn i wish i could call them up again… lol Thanks for you comment Ashley.

  13. Kandi says:

    well well well now wasnt that interesting. lol

  14. Dammit Xilla. I’m at work wet… once again! Only 7 more hours to go :( fml. lol. Great story!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      You just got into work? Where are you from?

      • L.A. California girl :)

        • ThisisXilla says:

          oh alright it was type late for me… when i replied that. I gotta visit LA again. I got to spend a little time there last year during the BET awards but i wanna go when it’s not an event. Experience the West Coast to the fullest. Roscoes and Fat Burger are my favorite although my NY burger joints are the best! lol

  15. Sdot buttunz says:

    BEAST!!!! LUV IT!!!!

  16. Musiqstar says:

    Love the story, sometimes you just want to be rough and hard. I need to forward this to someone.:)

  17. MzQuoteUnquote says:

    Plz plz plz more Cinderella Stories. I can def connect with you on the quest for love Xilla but i do agree this one and “my almost threesome” contained no Cinderellas. More along the lines of Snow White f*ckin the dwarves before being saved

  18. MzQuoteUnquote says:

    Plz plz plz more Cinderella Stories. I can def connect with you on the quest for love Xilla but i do agree this one and “my almost threesome” contained no Cinderellas. More along the lines of Snow White f*ckin the dwarves before being saved. (With your Manxilla you are def no dwarf but def not her Prince)

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Thank you! Yeah That’s one of the main reasons why my Cinderella stories stopped. lol I’d rather change it then kill em all together. I have morals. It’s also a statute of limitation on these things as well Very rarely do i smash a chick and write about it.

  19. ZY says:

    this was good… until you slapped her in the face with the dick…

  20. lipstickbandit says:

    I think i’ll go home an masturbate…I really shouldn’t have read this since im trying to practice the celibacy thing!

  21. Nikita says:

    Damn Xilla, u have done it again!!!! I LOVE ur Cinderella stories. Keep em comin!!! The only thing I hate about this story is that I wasnt the lucky girl in it.

  22. Akamu23 says:

    yea this one was dope..gotta post more stories man

  23. D Mel says:

    We need more Cinderella Stories and this one was better than the last. I fucks with u though Xilla, keep up the good work bro!

  24. Maria says:

    Love your website BlogXilla, keep em cumming….however why were you so rough, and are you always rough??

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Sometimes you have to be rough! Sometimes you gotta manhandle the cooch! I’m not always rough, but when you sprinkle in a bit of roughness and you see she likes it the longer the sex goes on you gotta keep turning it up a notch.

  25. As always another great story….

  26. Cocoa says:

    I wasn’t really impressed with this one.I got turned off by the fact that you called her a “bird” and then screwed her. If shes just a bird then why even go there?You need a nut that bad?

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Cocoa, birds need love too. Sometimes A jump off is a career jump off. Its like chefs you have some chefs you can cook a whole meal 5 courses, and other chefs who can only cook dessert. Does that mean their food is nasty because they can’t cook a main course? Hell no it just means they make one hell of a creme brulay! lol

      A bird doesn’t have to be ugly she just might not have the shoe game of a lady. But her sneaker game could be on point. She might not know how to be faithful, but her sex game is amazing. Its like fucking a porn star. No biggie really. Its not about needing a nut, if that was a slick attempt at an insult. SMH have you been called a bird before is that why it upset you?

      • Cocoa says:

        HA ha….No I have never been called a “bird” because I choose not to conduct myself as such. And no I was not trying to insult it was actually a legitmate question.I just felt like that was a degrading term and being that you didn’t think much of her in the first place than you shouldn’t have screwed her.Maybe you’ll finally find your Cinderella when you stop bedding all these random chicks you write about, since these stories are supposedly based on real life. I heard you have a daughter, how would you feel if when she comes of age some dude was calling her a bird and sexing her just for the hell of it? Oh and by the way it’s crème brulée .

      • Cocoa says:

        I see you deleted my prior response. If you can’t take a little criticism then maybe you shouldn’t put your stories out there brother.Peace. PS- Since you’re deleting comments maybe you should delete the first one I made also and stop trying to make yourself look good.

  27. YBC THA NERD says:

    this shit jus dont be seemin real lol u b way out there but hey mabye im wrong

  28. A. Mil says:

    It’s about time! This was a Good one to begin the year with!! Thanks for sharing and getting everyone all Hot and bothered! lol!!!

  29. Shonney says:

    I just found your blog yesterday and read all of the Cinderella stories with the quickness and to my surprise you added another…I love them! The fact that they’re real stories make it even better.Although I imagine they’re only so many women that can be a Cinderella story in life…I haven’t lived in ATL that long, but found myself thinking damn it sure would have been nice to run into you…I guess I’ll go to bead and dream about pulling locs and getting chocked…Thanks for your artistry.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Welcome to BlogXilla. I Used to live in Decatur/Lithonia on the west side of Atlanta. I need to go back and get some Lemon Pepper wings. Good Stuff. There are more Cinderella stories in the archives. Shoot me an email I’ll send you the link directly.

  30. KJlovesLarry says:

    I love these stories. I’m a virgin,and I wouldn’t know what to do if my husband had a third leg like you. I do like how your rough but gentle at the same time.

  31. KJlovesLarry says:

    I love these stories. I’m a virgin,and I wouldn’t know what to do if my future husband had a third leg like you. I do like how your rough but gentle at the same time.

  32. RBradioXL says:

    Yo X, You need to just slap all your scribes in a book and get them published on some ZANE shyt! Word! Chix will eat that up for your market man. smdh


  33. Quianna says:

    I agree with the last comment get ya stories published in a book. Or maybe some soft porn on cable. You have great writing skills!!

    Please keep the stories coming

  34. GG_ says:

    I just love everything that you write Blogxilla. Your stories are erotic without the unnecessary corniness. Please keep writing these as well as your other blogs. Oh & I agree with the person above me, I would very much enjoy your writings all in one book. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I think you are a sex God :)

  35. RENA says:

    Are you on that STING tantric sex diet….how long did that last ohhhwee? <3 it

    lol@i smacked her with it!

  36. Tani Joy says:

    Hell yeah we want more Cinderella stories. lol This one was a GREAT one. lawd I needed to see that in person. Vouyerism at its finest.

  37. ColdLouboutins says:

    Great story Xilla! Please keep them coming, you’ve written a few times that you don’t think people like these stories, I LOVE them, provides a good fantasy during the work day… I do agree that maybe the “Cinderella Stories” heading should be changed since the original cinderella stories were supposed to document your quest for love. These more or less are sexcapades!

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Yeah, it’s like a relationship. You go with the concept, you lay in bed with it and then it works. it’s similar to the blog I wrote about holding on. I’ll keep them coming. Hopefully they’ll all be better than this one.

  38. P-Nut says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a bird, they have a role in life too, like X said, “I fuck with the rats cuz the rats is real, wanna fuck, gonna fuck, already know the deal”

  39. MsFSU says:


  40. twinz_84 says:

    Great story xilla. Glad you brought back my favorite stories
    Hey on your next story are u going to let us know if u found
    Your cinderella?

  41. 504Lanie says:

    I say continue on with the stories. Everybody goes thru life differently and finds love in the strangest way and place. ie me and my best friend/prince charming met on a partyline one night back in 2006. We went thru a lot and didn’t make the switch from cut buddies to relationship until recently, but we sure did have a few interesting meetings that could give a few of your stories a run for their money. I may also have to borrow a few to try out as well, but still I believe this is still classified as your search to find Cinderella so keep the stories coming.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Hmmm I’m sure I can rationalize everyone I’ve been with as my search to find a Cinderella. I have and I will. Now it’s just a matter of convincing myself that hey!! This is what it is now. It’s like changing the Pepsi formula! lol

  42. YONNI says:

    Damn, im late but this story was the truth,it had me ready to do somethings!! Pretty Please keep the Cinderella stories!!

  43. NOLAbelle says:

    You can ship me your Manxilla. Please and thank you.

  44. lola289 says:

    lol…good stuff :)
    reminds me of a dude I was once seeing.
    I gotta call him ;>