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Cinderella: A Cold Snowy Day To So Far… Gone.

Have you ever fantasied about me? All I could do is stare at her while she talked about something. I wasn’t paying any attention. She could have told me she shot Biggie and Tupac and I wouldn’t have noticed. I was mesmerized by her beauty, and as we travelled down the elevator I leaned in and kissed her right on her mouth. It’s been too long since we saw each other, too long since we became one while listening to Drake’s So Far Gone. Too long since we allowed this forbidden love.

I gave her a call one morning, I was horny, I wanted to break a back, so when she answered the phone it didn’t take me long to invite her over to my apartment. She hung up the phone with eagerness, I got the sense that this was her plan from the moment she tapped me on my shoulder and introduced herself.

Anyway I prepared to set up for her arrival. I showered, timed my cleansing perfectly to answer the door in my boxers and robe. She arrived a couple of hours later. It was about to go down. She came inside sat on the couch after a brief amount of small talk, I made her put the manxilla in her mouth. Rolled her tongue around my penis, sucked with a little force, let spit drip down the manxilla and she even used a bit of hand action. As she twisted her hand up and down along my shaft her tongue did the dougie on my dick, sliding back and forth over my head.

As we sat on the couch, the manxilla in her mouth, her sucking, me moaning I was lost in the greatness of her head. She sucked with a passion, she was determined to show me just how good she was at her craft. I took my hand and grabbed her hair and began to guide her head back and forth on my cock. I grabbed a handful of hair, asked her if she wanted me to bust! She nodded yes like she was my own personal sex slave. I took my other hand and began to jerk off, using her spit for lubrication. I slide my hand up and down on the manxilla, as she waited there with her tongue wagging, waiting for my load.

I took turns beating off and shoving her head on to my dick to let her suck it. I controlled her head, I controlled her sucking. I would pull her by her hair off of my dick and then jerk off. Occasionally hitting her in the face with the manxilla. Suddenly I felt an explosion ready to happen. I managed to moan I’m cumming, and she went to work and began to lick up every drop of my nut. Swallowed. Every. Single. Drop.

I sat back on the couch, I needed to get my breath back, I looked up at her and I could tell she wad still eager for what I could do for her. She had read my blog she wanted to know if the stories were true. Maybe her friend told her stories about me. Maybe she had another motive. I knew I did.

I kissed her on the cheek, told her we can go again if you get me hard. She put me in her mouth quicker than a fat person and cake. With in a minute or two my dick was hard again. I pulled myself out of her mouth, told her to bend over on the couch, I walked over to my box, pulled out a condom rolled it on. I entered her from the back, I may of gave her a lick a time or two from behind I honestly can’t remember. If I did it would have went something like this. Then I slide inside of her, once slow and deep. I had to test her wetness and depth. Her walls felt wet and tight around my thickness. I felt a vain in my shaft start to pulsate. I did it I was officially fucking the girl I shouldn’t have been fucking.

I slide out all the way toward the head of my penis, I left just the head inside her for maybe 5 seconds. My mind wondered if I should stop, put my pants on and call it a day, but instead I grabbed her hips with both of my hands and began to smash into her. With hands on her waist I pulled myself as far out as I could, and used all the force of my hands grabbing her waist to pull her back into my, while crashing deep inside of her body. Her vagina walls clenched on to my penis, massaging it with each stroke. She moaned loudly. I couldn’t help but mush her face into the cushion of the couch.

I noticed her pussy start to cream around the manxilla, as I moved in and out of her body, Adding an extra thrust upward every full stroke. My penis was harder than granite while we did it. I put in a few more strokes from the back and told her to come lick her goodness off of me. She obliged.

I then old her to lay down, her back on the couch, her legs resting on my shoulders as I repositioned our bodies. I entered her, while staring at her beautiful face. All this time Drake’s mixtape was playing.  By this time a night off had to be playing. Maybe this was one of those days when I didn’t blog.

I had to make her pay for me not working. I wrapped my hand around her throat, began to choke her a little bit. She gave complete control and I knew what to do with it. I needed to bust her ass. I needed to be better than any stories she may have heard or read. I got an IM. I had to work. I got up… tended to my computer. Butt naked, rock hard, and began to answer an IM. She laid on the floor completely exhausted. I looked at her and told her I would be writing about this…. To So Far Gone.

We later went a few more rounds which ended up with me pulling out the camera and getting a little bit of our fun on tape. Unfortunately as much fun as we had I couldn’t be with her for a few reasons and I had to end this relationship. I still search for my Cindy.

25 Responses to “Cinderella: A Cold Snowy Day To So Far… Gone.”
  1. THIS MADE MY FUCKING MORNING.. i have been waiting for this article. I wanted more this was amazing. I just wish the end didn’t seemed rushed. Like one more paragraph. I felt like a vampire with blood dripping off my fangs. Just feenin for more.Keep up with the great work.

    P.S. this is me leaving a comment


    Big Booty from Facebook but no cinderella…

  2. Tree says:

    This one is not as good as the others…

    • ThisisXilla says:

      See thanks. I didn’t want ot write one anyway. this gives me an excuse to never write another one of these. I appreciate your opinion.

      • YoMomma says:

        Out of all the comments, you pay attention/respond to a negative one? 0_o …To each their own. If they don’t like it, oh well… others will/do =P And Xilla, if you “didn’t want to write one anyway”… you would not have done so in the first place. No excuses :-P …So continue posting these “stories” :-)’

  3. Lucy says:

    My my my! What a juicy story. Is this part II of another story?

  4. beeautifullpayynee says:

    amazing . ilove this from beginning to end

  5. Did the Dougie on the Dick. They said this was the year of the Dougie. SMH

  6. Kate says:

    I liked this story Xilla

  7. twinz_84 says:

    Great post xilla, it did seem a bit rushed… glad you brought back the story I will be looking forward to the next one… but what I can seem to get is when you said “I did it I was officially fucking the girl I shouldn’t have been fucking” makes me think you was only trying to fulfill her fantasy of you!

  8. PJade says:

    *fans self* You have managed to out-do yourself once again! Can’t wait for the next one…

  9. remind me of a male version of a chapter out of a Zane book…and a bit rushed….

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  10. miss petunya says:

    I just started reading your Cinderella stories and I really enjoy them, i must admit it did not leave me as “moist” as others but it was still just as good.

    Do you frequent Miami?? your Cinderella could be right here ;0)

    Love your work-


  11. trackstar says:

    this story was type wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk xilla… Cindy story usually be on point make to work my pum .. this shit was like whatttt …. u need to come with a better one soon

  12. A. Mil says:

    As always Great story!! Intense!!! Thanks for bringing them back!!!

  13. rodeo's best says:

    her tongue did the dougie on my dick… fell out my chair! Cinderella is back! LOL

  14. darklady1230 says:

    Not as good as your other stories! Kinda dry and rushed like the other readers mentioned! After reading your stories ihave to break out the fan cause I get so hot! But I didn’t get that this time!!! But I’m still waiting for the paperback!

  15. curious says:

    after I read this, I closed my eyes & imagined it was me….time to pull out my lil black box…brb Mr. Xilla!

  16. Cinderella says:

    I kinda feel like I was there. I think I remember this day. ;)

  17. Cinderella says:

    And maybe this was rushed and inconsistent because whatever you had with this girl was rushed. It makes perfect sense. <3

  18. PunkinBruster says:

    Why was it such an issue for you to be fucking her? Are you serious about never writing a Cinderella story again? Please say no. I love all of them. This story is not rushed or dry its just different, the girl is totally different from every other Cinderella. Its a deeper reason why you wrote this one as such. I would love to know why…

  19. Nikita says:

    Hey Xilla,

    I LOVE reading your Cinderella stories. I love expecting the unexpected from you with these stories. What would be w/o your Cinderella stories. Dont let one person’s opinion stop you from doing what you do best besides sex. If someone doesnt like it, so what. Tell their ass to keep it moving or dont read it.

  20. Akamu23 says:

    I got bored with my porn..this did it for me

  21. Blah.... says:

    I normally LOVE the Cinderella stories but I agree w/ Tree on this was, u’ve done better. Don’t rush them if ur not feeling it just don’t write them. The others are SOO ENTICING tho & then this 1 is just blah, wth?

  22. Blah.... says:

    Oh & “Dougie on the Dick” THE BEST #thatisall

  23. I know I’m kinda like late as shit on this story but I was wondering, why did you say, “I did it I was officially fucking the girl I shouldn’t have been fucking.”? What do you mean by that??

    Also, I just discovered your site a few weeks ago and I love it so much. You’re a great story teller!!

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