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Cinderella: Make Love To Me | Part 3

Photo Of Alicia Placencia

Part 1: The Girl From MySpace | Part 2: After Dinner Straight To The Couch

“Make love to me!” Her words ran through my head over and over and over again.

The music played in the background, underneath her moans, my grunts and the sounds of our bodies colliding in passion. I licked my lips and sensually kissed her. My tongue massaged her tongue, my eyes were closed and I tried my best to match her breathing. When she exhaled, I exhaled when she inhaled I did the same. We kissed, our bodies one with each other, our breathing in sync.

I moved my penis in and out of her body; her vagina was so warm, still wet, after what seemed like hours. I still smelled her on my face, she was so beautiful, so amazing in my eyes. This young beauty wanted me to make love to her, but one thing didn’t feel right… She had a man. We kissed some more, I slowly slid the manxilla inside of her body, when I was deep inside I would use my penis muscle to make the head tap the inside of her body. She moaned we enjoyed each other’s rhythm.

I matched my sensual strokes with the beat of the music, I kissed her neck, moved my mouth down to her breast and licked them gently. I ran my tongue across her nipple, sucked, while ran my hand across her other one. They were so firm, so amazing. Thinking back to this moment on the floor of my apartment during our birthday is bringing me back to a wonderful place. With each lick of her breast, I sank my dick deeper inside of her body as deep as of possible could. I would pull it out to the tip slowly. Taking my time gliding in and out of her body. It was like I was washing my hair, Suck, Lick, plunge, pull out, and repeat. I wanted to taste her again. I wanted to indulge in her entire being. I pulled the manxilla all the way out, kissed her belly button and then licked all over her vagina. I started at the top zigzagging my tongue across her clit, I continued to go lower, parting her lips with my tongue. I made sure my mouth was filled with saliva. So I could use it as lubrication when I moved back up and stuck the dick even deeper inside of her! Longer, stronger, harder!

She moaned. The song changed. “Somebody Sleeping In My Bed” by Dru Hill Played. I looked her in the eyes, her face crunched up in passion, pain and pleasure. I told her isn’t that better than spitting on it? I crashed into her hard, harder. I wanted to f*ck her I wanted to make her already messed up hair worse. She whispered in my ear “make love to me.” Again! Sleeping in my bed is playing I want to go hard. I want to take pride in the fact that she has to come to me in order to get it right.

I said “But you have a man”

She replied “We broke up”

I smiled. I kissed her again. Slowed up my stroke some more. Looked back into her eyes, struggled to say “Why. didn’t you! Damn! tell me this! F***! earlier”  She might have the best vagina I have ever had. She used her kegals squeezed my penis and said I don’t know. She bit her lip as I put it in her deeper. She moaned, told me all types of wonderful things. She was mine. I pulled out again.

Licked her vagina. Got it wet between her legs. She grabbed my head, I smeared all of her wetness all over my face. Went back up and kissed her told her to taste herself on my tongue as I stuck my dick back inside her. I pulled it back out and eat her some more this time I licked her lower. Moved my tongue as fact as I could. I loved how her body tasted. It was time. I told her to turn around, hit it from the back.

I used each hand to caress her butt. Stuck a finger in her booty and wiggled. I continued to slide in and out of her body from behind. It was time. My princess told me to cum inside of her. So cum inside of her is what I did. I came deep in her body. Not caring about anything. She was mine at this moment. We laid on the floor. Exhausted. Woke up a few hours later. Did it again and I took her home. Then my car broke down about a mile from her house. In the middle of the night. Her mother had to come take me home. I sat in the back, smelled my face the whole ride home. It was amazing. She knows she can be my Cinderella whenever she’s ready. I’ll always be her prince charming. At least that’s what

8 Responses to “Cinderella: Make Love To Me | Part 3”
  1. CURIOUS says:


  2. BeBe says:

    WHEW!!! lol when is part 4?

  3. _love94 says:

    Woahh Xilla… your cinderella stories are the best !

  4. Psych Major says:

    Well Damn!!-Time to wake up hubby for another round!!

  5. twinz_84 says:

    wow!!! a part 4, you cummed inside of her, you didnt care about anything?!!!! please tell me were not going to have a story about how you got your Cinderella preggos!!!

    GREAT POST XILLA !!!!, cant wait for part 4

  6. CruellaD says:

    xilla ur too much! hope sum1 could make this into a movie ;) n u should direct or star, lol

    i honestly hope whoever i fall in love with is as exciting as u r

  7. bogart4017 says:


  8. BennyG says:

    Holy shit that was the best story ever. Did you really do all that? OMG so horny now did she have any tattoos or piercings? I think that’s so sexy. If she dis tell us where and of what?

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