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Cinderella: After Dinner and Straight To The Couch Part 2

Photo by Yan Moyaux

Sorry for the delay. Be sure to read part 1 first. Click Here For Part 1

With each bite of my food I tasted a hint of her vagina, this might have been the best meal I’ve ever ate.

Once dinner was done, we got right back to business. I grabbed her hand and led her back to the couch, I made her face the wall, her chest leaning up against the couch cushion, with her knees on the seat of the couch, and her booty in the air. I got on my knees and began to eat her from behind. She told me she liked how I ate her out, so I decided to give her the full treatment.

I placed my hands on her butt, one on each cheek and grabbed a handful. I spread her cheeks apart and began to lick softly and quick. I gently tickled her lips which hung down between her left and right thigh. After the tickle, I took my tongue and ran the entire thing across her lady part, making sure to apply a little pressure. I began to move my tongue in a circular motion, put my tongue in my mouth and stuck my finger in her crack. She moaned loadly completely surprised. As I wiggled the tip of my finger inside her body I put another finger inside of her vagina. 2 fingers two different holes. Her moans let me know I was doing something right.

I pulled my finger out of her vagina, left the other one in her butt and suck her clitoris hard. Sucked it like a lollipop, like you would suck the tip of an ice pop on a summers day to break the tip of it off. I smacked her on her butt to let her know it was time for the ManXilla.

I sat on the couch told her to dance for me, she stood on top of me and danced, with her vagina right in my face I licked it once leaving behind a lot of spit and plopped her on my penis. She felt so good, so warm, so amazing her young 18 or 19 year old vagina was so tight. I might have been number 2 or number 3. She moved up and down on top of me, whirling her hips and coming up she rode the manxilla like a pro, rode it like she was dancing, she rode it the right way.

I sucked on her perky breast, her brown nipples were the perfect color to complement her beige complexion. I took turns kissing her nipples, and sucking her lips, then sucking her nipples and kissing her lips some more. Gentle bites on her neck. Sex with her was amazing.

She rode me a little longer before we got on the floor. My Cinderella, my baby, my boo. I was completely fascinated with this girl, so much so I called her my oxygen. I placed her on her back, lifted one of her legs on my shoulders and slide my rock hard penis into her body slowly… Once I got it back covered in her wetness I began to beat it up. I pulled it out all the way to the head and left it there for a full second and then jammed it inside of her as hard, fast and strong as I could. She gasped hard! Struggled to say Oh! My! Gooooo!!!!!! As I slammed my thick, hard manxilla inside of her body, she dug her nails into my back, bite me on my neck.

She tried to grab my locks, I shook my head, decided she was liking the penis too much, so I pulled it out, almost leaped down to between her legs and began to eat her out some more. She screamed. I loved hearing her make noise because she was such a quiet girl. I lifted both of her legs and licked all between her legs. Her vagina! Her booty! The part between her vagina and… well you get it. I made sure to leave behind a lot of saliva. I didn’t plan on staying down there long just a few licks to mix things up. When I felt like she started to enjoy that, I stopped! I kept her legs in my hands and tossed them onto my shoulders, and guided the manxilla right back inside of her. Long stroke after long stroke! I was nowhere near coming.

I placed a hand around her throat and I choked her. Just a little bit though, I kissed her lips, looked her in her eyes and watched as they  rolled back into her head. There was so much passion in the room, on the floor, with sex and sweat in the air. That’s when she said to me. “Make love to me”

That threw me off, in the middle of pure uncensored f***king she wants to make love?

To Be Continued…

17 Responses to “Cinderella: After Dinner and Straight To The Couch Part 2”
  1. phreshy says:

    Part 2 was better than part one, I gotta start taking some notes. Don't keep us waiting so long for part 3

  2. Sexy E says:

    Oh wow Xilla u left a smile on my face with this one and then left us hanging again.Its all good though,can't wait for part 3.Btw this is my first post ever,love ur blog.

  3. Paris_Tokyo26 says:


  4. Ducati says:

    WOW! that got me hot just reading it! Can't wait for the next part! I gotta forward this to my friends to read!

  5. LiveALittle says:


    I would just like to let you know how cruel you are for stopping this story so soon. Great job though, keep your audience wanting more, loving the blog!

  6. CruellaD says:

    damn xilla!!! i love how ur so expressive and eloquent…ur amazing bar none.

    ps. some girls mistake fucking for love so while ur just tryin to bust a nut she'l b lookin for a husvand.

    u hit it so good that she wnated to put u on reserve, lol!

  7. infamous jones says:

    Xilla in no way shape or form was the way that you left us hanging right. But she was dead wrong for that making luv stmnt. The manxilla had her feeling some type of way huh lol. Can't wait for part3 hurry hurry hurry please and thank u

  8. A. Mil says:

    Worth the wait!!! Looking forward to the next one… :)

  9. ob says:

    come on out with part 3. im picking up some tips to try out myself.

  10. good girl says:

    um wow…you got me feeling some kind of way right now, xilla. no wonder they dont wanna let you go…you turn em out!

  11. twinz_84 says:

    What to be continued!!!!! Nooooo, great post xilla!!! Ur hook, line an sinking us

    Every time!!! Cant wait for part 3.

  12. ThatChick says:

    Dayum!! I'm hooked…

  13. Xilla says:

    @ThatChick – Im not hooked tho, I just lean a little to the left.

    @Twinz_84 – I gotta make sure y'all come back for something right?

    @GoodGirl – Explain to me how you were feeling when you read this? I'd love to know.

    @OB – You've learned a few things huh? Interesting.

    @Cruella – Yeah this was a bit weird I wish I could go into details but then I wouldn't have a part 2 now would i? lol

    @infamous Jones… Honestly it was either hold the story for a while longer or post it and part 3 it… lol

    @sexye – Glad I could put a smile on your face… We should all be smiling I would say something sexual right here but… yeah.

  14. DAMN XILLA!!! says:

    Damn Xilla u turned her young ass out!!! She went from sprung to being IN LOVE well damn! I bet yo girls go CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS over yo ass! Str8 LOCO! This girl was a young 1 so I'd be interesting to know how she took the "break-up" since I know she, like the others, is not ur Cinderella. I'm ANTICIPATING part 3. Part 1 of this was like WHOA too!!! I should NOT be reading this @ home on a sat night/morn baby out of town & can't WAIT for him to come back GOODNESS!

  15. His OxyGEN says:

    Part two is very much intriguing…I wonder how she took the “break up” too….Since she isn’t your Cinderella….lolol…When will part three come out, L Mar….

  16. bogart4017 says:

    Give it up for the Iceberg Slim of erotic literature

  17. delta cribs says:

    I would like to thanks for the work you have made in writing this blog post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. I loved your style I will register for your feed please keep posting!

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