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Chris Brown and The Playmate Who Made The MJ Tribute Possible

This year one of the best parties to be at was the Playboy party Diddy threw at the Playboy mansion. My man Mr. Hansell couldn’t get me in so I stayed in my room, caught up on some sleep then went hunting at a local tourist club for chicks until I made a vital mistake in my pimp hand. Chris Brown however, buried his face in the boobs of Playmate Jenna Bentley, just 24 hours before giving Michael Jackson the best tribute ever. Can’t say that I am mad at Chris Brown one bit. Nothing like big giant golden boobs of a white chick to make a brother dance. o_O (I ain’t mad at you Chris I’d did that and more) pop the top for another Chris Brown Stripper Picture.


4 Responses to “Chris Brown and The Playmate Who Made The MJ Tribute Possible”
  1. denzly says:

    she ugly. i mean she alrite. she looks wasted or high or sumthin! look n her coochie is droopy hahahha SMH EW

  2. Brianna says:

    Stop hatin on her b/c she's white, damn! its 2010! anybody is allowed to date, screw, be around, etc.. with whoever they want. RACE DOESN'T MATTER! GET IT CHRIS BROWN!!! LOL

  3. BIG BLACK says:

    Watch all the black women start to hate on this chick .. slinging all kinda comments lolol ….. Don't hate on the white women, step ur own game up …. If it was a black chick he was pictured with, nobody would say anything ….

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