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You’re Too Old To Still Want A Thug

Today when you’re at lunch, walking through your local office park look around the eating area. I’ll bet you’ll see a woman reading a piece of urban lit, True to the Game 3, Bad Girlz 4 Life or any other novel written by someone fresh out of jail. Woman like thugs, d-boys and men with bullet holes or stab wounds etched on there skin. I think for the hope of one day having their life resemble one of their favorite books with out the bloody ending. Yet in the age of straight legged jeans and big man scarfs is the thug still appealing or is his sex appeal starting to sag?

Style – As complicated as woman are, they are the simple at the same time. A tattoo, a wife beater and a pair of Jordans can make a woman gush with moisture. An oversized Yankee fitted hat covering the brow can automatically make a man marriage material.

Talk – Broken grammar, slang and curse words can make a woman feel like she’s living on the edge. The risk of losing it all drives her to give more. All for the love of the challenge.

But, the most important reason woman still dig the thug, is because most thugs know how to FCK. We are not talking about makin love, going downtown or whispering sweet nothing in her ear. We are talking about spankings, hair pulling, choking, and calling her dirty names during the act. Its rough, mildly painful and highly enjoyable and may happen anywhere.

Good sex can make a woman put up with loudness, drug paraphernalia, warrants, baby mama’s and putting stuff in their name. As long as the backstroke is there, the mind can not function right, so although thugs are going out of style, they still are a prominent force in dating.

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