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Singer Algebra On Heartbreak, Revenge & A Woman’s Worth

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I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the wonderful Algebra on my weekly podcast called Captured by Blogxilla and we discussed a lot of things from her new album, to Essence fest to men and relationships. Like all of us, Algebra has been through a lot and she shared some of her wisdom on heartbreak, revenge , other people opinions and discovering your worth as a woman.

On Heartbreak

It makes you different. There is an everyday reminder that you have to give yourself when you experience heartbreak. In my song Come Back it wasn’t physical heartbreak it was more so getting lost, and getting away from what i know is right. What i know is true to my God & kinda venturing off doing other things that i know where not me. And once you do experience something bad like that, in this case heartache, when you do get the opportunity to love again you have to constantly remind yourself that this is someone new, that you’ve been blessed with, so you have to try to love like you’ve never been hurt before. Love as if its all new, but thats an everyday process.

On Payback & Revenge

I have been hurt, disappointed and so confused to where I thought another person had just jumped out of my skin. I was literally looking like ‘Word!?! I can do that?’ But i did apologize and I really had to forgive myself for doing that. But you never know, when you feel like someone is trying to hurt you, you never know where that strength will come from or where these emotions come from. I’ve been hurt to the point to where I didn’t even recognize myself. Keying cars, pouring sugar in someone’s tank seems real tv but believe it or not it probably could get to that point.

On why people caring too much about other people’s opinions

Because people want to fit in! Everybody wants to be excepted and if you’re not raise to be self reliant you tend to look for others to give you that pat on the back. You tend to look toward other people for appreciation or gratification and when you don’t get that, it can turn into fury. Thats why i say your thoughts are way worst than the actual actions. Because you wonder why people do you a certain way but sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Thats why I’m the person I choose to be, the person that tries very hard not to worry about the criticism of everyone else. Especially if it’s not going to help me get to where I need to be.

On discovering her worth as a female.

I’ve discovered my worth after I’ve done something or the moment right before, you make mistakes and you learn from them. It’s all about knowing what is good for you and not trying to fit in. Sometimes you have to tell yourself its not about everybody else its all about you. Sometimes it’s okay to think the world revolves around you. Because if you don’t think that no one else will. You have to be ok with who you are and if you don’t you’ll fall for anything. You’ll fall into a pit and it will be hard to get out of.

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