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3 Reasons Your Boo Is Not Talking To You

If you’re anything like me then this has happened to you before, the person you love is mad at you and you have no idea why they’re mad. Even though they insist there is no problem, you can tell their heated because of the cold concentrated look they have on the wall, and by how much effort they are placing on not talking to you. Meanwhile you have no clue whats pissing them off. It’s simply because its probably something small that they know they shouldn’t be mad over, but your best friend of the opposite sex just sent a text that made you giggle like a school girl and someone’s emotions are running wild. The following is a list of why they might be hot.

I’m Just Not Interested – There you go again talking about something that I simply do not care about. A lot of times couples tend to get irritated with each other’s conversation because she’s talking about Tasha from work again, or he’s talking about sports. Even though you may find the topic interesting your mate might want to talk about something else. No one wants to listen to a lecture all the time and thats just what boring topics turn into… a lecture.

Boxers & Tampons – People don’t want to feel like a maid, so be sure you pick up after yourself. Fellas make sure you pick up your boxers when you get out of the shower and ladies make sure you flush your pads and tampons. No man wants to walk into the bathroom and see red water with cotton in it. fellas also don’t leave your toenail clippings on the counter, carpet etc. Be sure to pick up all things that were once attached to your body, pubes included.

U-G-L-Y You Ain’t Got No Alibi – After the relationship contracts have been signed and you’re finally boyfriend and girlfriend or man and wife, you stop trying. I noticed how one of my friends would complain about how his wife won’t sleep with him, or how he has to beg for sex, and he hasn’t had head since the last time he purchased it from the strip club. I told him does he give her something appealing to look at when she gets home and not those tattered up smelly shorts he puts on day in and day out. Continue to get dressed up, get your haircut/done and remain sexy. When we feel like our mate has stopped trying we stop trying and start looking.

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