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How To Make Your Black Man Love You

We all know by now that Usher is terminally ill with B*tcha*sness ever since he put on a suit flyer than Janelle Monae’s and walked down the isle. Seriously he’s in love and honestly who can be mad at that. If anyone is going to write a book on relationships it should be Tameka. So since she’s not writing any books that we know of or making any albums like Terrence Howard I decided to write a blog on how to make a black man like myself fall in love.

One thing you can do to get a man to love you if make him feel needed. Ask him to help you around the house. A woman I’ve dealt with asked me to come over and help her re-do her bathroom. Before I knew it the 2 of us were on our knees lifting up tile and ripping out sinks and toilets. Nothing was more romantic than walking around Lowe’s sweaty and looking for a new sink. It made me feel like the two of us were really connected.

Another thing to you can do is simply cook a great meal. Despite the ever changing world we live in one way to a man’s heart is a good meal. I know I’m more likely to continue coming over a woman’s house if she can cook. Now men you should also cook for you lady everyone once in a while.

Another major turn on is when a woman respects my opinion. A lot of time a woman will tell a man about her problems but she doesn’t really want an answer in return. She doesn’t feel like she needs him to solve her problems. But, I love a female who will honestly come to me for my opinion about a situation rather then just complaining and not taking or even wanting my advice. It brings me closer to her.

Also may want to try and not always be available, but be able to be reached, it’s a fine art indeed. Another important thing is to respect my privacy when I’m not available. No one wants a private eye for a wifey.

Being smart, showing confidence and just wanting to be around me goes a long way. Through conversation and great communication a relationship can go many places. There are times when you need to read your mate to be able to give them what they need. A lot of times people spend wasted energy trying to give their mate something they no longer need simply because it worked in the past. Pay attention and allow yourself to love.

2 Responses to “How To Make Your Black Man Love You”
  1. HeadMistress says:

    *kneeling w/ head bowed & hands folded*

    In Jesus' name, Amen

    This is a Platinum Post!

  2. coshonaHello my name says:

    Hello my name is Coshona, everything you've said so far is true. I give my man his space, cook, clean, work, go to school, and I'm a faithful woman. I give all my loving to him. But this man seems to think I'm cheating and for what reason I dont know! He's always listening to other and what they have to say about our relationship, but never wants to talk to me about it. Whatever information he got that day is always brought back to me in a negative way. He is very jealous and often intimadated by other guys that look at me. I don't have interest for anyone but him, and it's hard to explain that to him. I've shown him in any way I can think of, and we still have problems. What should I do?/should I leave or should I stay?/Or should I continue this relationship. I don't think my man is happy.

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