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Dear Xilla, My My Myspace, I’m Not Number 1

Dear BlogXilla,

I read a lot of your blogs and it seem like you give really good advice so I have a question for you. If I was your woman what number would I be on you friends list? I have been dating a guy for about 2 two years and I am ONLY number four on his list. Right now I feel like our relationship is at a cross roads and I am not sure this is where I need to be. Am I wrong for taking that personally? Not that four is a bad number if you fall under very important people, but does that mean I am just not all that important in his life? what do you think?


FOURida Evans,

Dear FOURida Evans,

It all depends on who is in front of you, I personally feel like their should be rules to the myspace top friends list. Should be concerned? On one hand it’s just myspace, but on the other IT IS myspace! Notorious for Myspace jump offs and old flames hooking up to rekindle lost love, or just a good fcuk. I mean depending on who is in front of you, you shouldn’t have a problem with it. If it’s his mother, sister or other close family, then no! If it’s Tila Tequila or Ms.Williams, then there may be cause for concern.

There is nothing wrong w/ wanting to be number 1 in someone’s life, or even their myspace page, shouldn’t we all strive to be number one? Now, if you feel your relationship is at a “cross road”, then my advice to you is to have a discussion about it, if dude is still in love w/ you, he shouldn’t have a problem w/ talking about the problems in a relationship. Chances are If he give you mess, about it then he probably has something to hide, and you should head down that other road, and save yourself some heartache and pain. Let him know where you stand on the issue of myspace, and life in general, ask yourself if you feel like you’re important in his life. You know where the problems lie, and whatever your uncomfortable with address it. Why sit in a relationship if it’s not making you happy? But it is just Myspace. But I will admit that I’m low on one of my Friends pages and there are 3 guys ahead of me…. and I don’t like it ONE BIT!!!

Until The Next Plate of Chicken and Waffles

PS How Would you Handle this situation?

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