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30 Things I Wanted To Say Aloud

1. I never really liked you, I don’t even respect you as a man, you’re a sloppy second loving mother fucking snake… and I hope you die Honestly I think you’re Gay not that anything wrong w/ it b/c I’m cool w/ a few gays dudes but you need to come out the closet dog. I really don’t like you and I’m looking for the perfect excuse to fight you. And No Dana this is not about who you think it’s about.

2. I could care less if you ever breath again.

3. Me and You know who still talk on the regular, so nanny nanny boo boo to you.

4. You’re the coolest dude on the face of the earth, and w/o you I wouldn’t be possible you inspire me to be more like you, and although you play the humble a lot I know you’re just as arrogant as I am.

5. I want to pour baby oil on that ass and smack it.

6. I don’t really know the purpose of this blog but hey there is a bunch of shit I wanted to say and damn it i’m going to say it. That chicken head was the worst thing to ever happen to me, and y’all fucking love her now. Lames.

7. I wouldn’t spit on you to put out a fire that was engulfing your flesh like burnt bar b que

8. Oh you mad b/c I’m styling you?

9. If six cripple kids jumped you in my presence, I’d jump in

10. To help the Cripple kids of course, i fucking hate you guts.

11. I know it’s number 11 but I never loved anybody like i loved you. You hold me down and I’m not letting this pass me by.

12. I’d fuck you

13. up

14. Remember that night you came over to my house and did that thing w/ your tongue… WOW I beat off to that time often…

15. I probably fucked your favorite blogger.

16. Really!! I’m not lying.

17. the circumference of your waist, makes me do somersaults, skittle hops and man twirls.

18. Stank pussy is a very bad thing and you should look in to handling that.

19. speaking of stank cooch, I wonder if that cooch smells any better than it did that day in the park, sure it was 10 years ago, but damn!! I never realized you were a whore until I seen your myspace page. Now I feel stupid for not recognizing it sooner. Not that there is anything wrong w/ being a slut, I mean I love sluts. But damn…

20. No I’m not drunk.

21. Your arms are super hairy for a chick, and I never liked you either you talk entirely too much and you gave me this damn addiction to newports. I will secretly hate you forever and I wish you had a myspace page so i could invite to read my blogs so you can read number 21 b/c it’s about you.

22. We had the best phone sex in the fucking world.

23. Dude you’ll never be me so stop trying.

24. Homie, wearing shades indoors is wack, specially at work. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

25. You know what? I appreciate every good morning you send me, before my yahoo messenger loads.

26. I know you gotta man, and all but i’m saying.

27. You know your girl told me you **deleted**, and the only reason she stayed w/ you that long was b/c you **deleted**… but she thought you were an idiot, like really really dumb

28. What the hell do you do for a living i mean for real I heard of being busy and all damn this is crazy

29. You got some nappy ass hair you know that right? Like for real it’s super nappy. I’m jealous You should lock it up, you’d look a little better.

30. If you read something and you thought it was about you… It wasn’t I don’t like you enough to write something negative about you. trust me If, If I wrote something in here about you, you would KNOW IT.. b/c I haven’t typed a single word in here that I didn’t already tell someone. So There another Nanny nanny Boo boo

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  1. lilmissunshine says:

    those are funny

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