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Rihanna Knows How To Turn Chris Brown On

Rihanna, is a true sexual intellectual when asked about her sexy on stage apparel, which is a cross between video vixen and dominatrix, she replied:

“I like to push the envelope sometimes. It depends on the mood and the occasion.
“It’s always fun to take some home. Sometimes I get to do that.” Source

Playing dress up with your man can be a sure way to keep his attention all night, some other ways to keep your love turned on are:

Can You Hear Me Now?

  • That soft piece of skin right in front of the ear is a spot to be kissed and licked. Warning please be sure to to apply too much spit when licking that’s not the right hole you want to get wet.

Mmm Mmm Good

  • This tips works for men and women, Lick your lips, stare at the lower part of your lovers body and say “I can’t wait to taste it” After you’re done you can say o0o0o you taste like Skittles

T-Shirt & Panties

  • We all heard the song T-Shirt and Panties on, but how about coming out of the bathroom all fresh and clean, wearing a wet t-shirt. Nothing turns men on more than wet nipples. And men turn your lady on by coming out of the shower, covered in baby oil, if you got the pecks to do that, wet boobs only work for men.

Can You Feel It?

  • When you’re in the mood, take your lovers hand and place it between your legs. I know I love to stick my finger in wet holes. And I know every time I place my girls hand on the manxilla, she always ready to choke the chicken.

Pick Up The Phone

  • Call your lover up at work, or where ever they are at and just pleasure yourself while they listen. This may only work with a person you’re actually involved with and not a jump off. But the reaction of the first damn!! Is priceless.
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    I cannot agree more with what you wrote you and I really like the exact same thinghs as you ! Please write more and I bookmarked you !

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