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The Rollar Coaster Life Of A Lazy Female

Remy Ma


I guess I could have also named this blog Good Reasons Why The Lazy Woman Is Not Single. But I couldn’t do that to my independent women and just through them under the bus. So since I am an equal opportunity blogger lets get to business.

Disclaimer – This Blog Is Not About YOU. I wrote it b/c this is the stuff I have seen while growing up, it’s just in fun.

    She Doesn’t Have A Job – Welfare, Section 8, provide her with just enough income to get by which allows her to spend more than enough time looking for a man. She doesn’t have much else to do so she is easily influenced by the raunchy lyrics in hip hop and has evolved in the genetic time line with a super human strength. Translation [She can suck a marble through a straw and men love it]

    Downfalls – The house looks a mess, and she’s probably sleeping with 14.6 people for your neighborhood.

    She Has Connections – She has a phone in someone else’s name, her lights in her mommy name, her cable in her daddy name and numerous kids for him to claim on his tax returns. This is a one of the best benefits because you never have to drop extra money to help her pay a bill, and if he does she will provide some head that will make his toes not only curl but jump off his foot and start pop locking like Damon from Friday After Next.

    Downfalls – He will have some shit cut on in his name, and his credit will eventually be screwed up upon break up

    You’re Not Her Daddy – Neck Rolling, and loudness will apply, and while she is also quick to remind him that He is not her daddy, all of this goes out of the window when she wants something.

    Downfalls – There is something bout the Lazy Female that people just can’t seem to say no to, you’re their personal slave and they will use you until you’re useless.

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  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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