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Kanye & Alexis – How To Feed Your Man

Kanye West

Kanye West & Alexis_Kanye West_Kanye West & Alexis


Let’s face it some male urbanites are oral not-z’s. They want to sit back, get head and never take a trip downtown. I won’t lie I myself am guilty of this, while in the city of Atlanta I was with this girl who game me dome so good, it made the Astrodome look like a little league field and to this day I never put my mouth on her. But ladies I’m here to give you a bit of knowledge to get the tongue spanking you deserve right on time for the weekend rush.

Cosmo says 63% of women say they are not getting the dome they deserve and well that’s just sad. Here is what you should do the next time you want to become desert.

Demand It

Most urban females are comfortable with their sexuality, they’re willing to try new things and don’t need much time to decide if they want “the pipe”. Yet they are often closed mouthed when they have a mouthful and don’t demand that the favor gets returned. Here is what I suggest ask for it, and don’t just ask but demand. In the heat of the moment seductively tell him to go down on you. Use the swagger that most urbanites possess. Hell start singing Akynele if you have to, or break out a line of your favorite flick, but 9 times out of 10 a man isn’t going to eat if we don’t have to.

Promote It but Not Like Don King

I know most men don’t trim their pubes, but that doesn’t mean you should introduce your man to Don King as soon as the panties come off. Trim it up nice, use Nair, or go bald. We are visual beings and being able to see that lips just scream “Kiss me I’m Irish!” Well maybe not Irish but you’ll be 10 times to be punch drunk in oral bliss if you’re BBTB [Bald Below The Border]

Do Unto Others

It’s pretty safe to say that putting your hand on the back of a females head and pushing down is a no-no and will get you cursed out. But men on the other hand are freaks, he might like that, We don’t think anything is wrong with “forcing the issue” so force us to do it, he’ll be so turned on you are getting aggressive that he’ll punish you with a tongue spanking for being such a naughty girl.

Men Are Stupid

If all else fails trick him into going down. Men love competition so challenge him to a match of monopoly, Halo or cards. You can play for sexual favors. I once played chess for head. Invoking the compete card is a risking move because men love to win, so if you lose you might be doing the Bay area booty drop on the cock, faster than you can say “Mr. Marcus take that hat off I’m a laaadddyyyy”

‘Now if you’re successful and you find out the reason dude never went down on you is because he doesn’t know how to eat… then e-mail his my guide to eating it like it’s a bag of skittles.

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