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Jay-Z And Rihanna – Arguing In Public


Apparently Jay-Z & Rihanna had a heated argument at Entertainment Weekly Party. But, they are rich so I know it couldn’t have been as good as when a regular couple argues in public.

I remember one day when the mother of my child and I were having lunch one day at a mall in Downtown Atlanta, this guy who worked at Sbarro’s was dealing with a crazy chick. While he was hard at work, she decided that she wanted to argue. So she called his job, he picked up the phone, she was yelling so loud that you could hear her muffled words 20 feet away.

At first he tried to play it off, “I’m at work,” and hung up, she called back. This continued for 20 minute until finally he blew up. “Look b*tch i’m at f*cking work, leave me alone with this bullsh*t.” The whole incident was sad yet greatly entertaining. We put down our burgers turned around and just stared at the unfolding of events. We even started to place small bets on how long it would take for the crazy chick to call back.

Then it was the time when the couple who lives in the next building over from me had a fight which pretty much lasted all day, it ended with 2 broken windows on their car, her screaming help at the top of her lungs from inside the house. A few smacks, a few punches by her to his face and the cops coming to break it up, and some major make up sex. We heard that too.

But people please stop arguing in public. It’s not a good look it lets people see a side of you that they should not see, and if we are going to make our urban area’s a nicer safer place to live then we can do without a public domestic dispute… Aww who am I kidding keep arguing I’ll be sure to have my popcorn ready.

Whats the best Public Argument You’ve Heard?

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  1. Omer Ronsani says:

    Raging boner and no easily accessible porn, FML

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